Alberta Winter Wolf Hunts      



These hunts can be done as both spot and stalk (howl) or baited!

The baited hunts are all about patience. Sitting from long before sun up to possibly long after sundown depending on the bait location. You will be sitting in a blind with a heater and a lunch. Expected shots are no less than 100yds and possibly further depending on location! Baits are baited often. Access will be from truck, boots on the ground, or machine (side by side or snowmobile). 

The spot and stalk hunts can be the most difficult but, the most rewarding with close encounters possible! Hunts will start long before daylight. We will be driving around in the pick up to locations and calling at various spots. When we locate a pack the goal will be to get suited up and give chase. We will stalk in to as close as we can to their position, setup and call again. This can bring in multiple wolves into a close proximity. Shot distances as well as opportunity depend on the brush density. 

In the event no pack is located or tracks cut , getting back to the lodge by dark is possible. You can do both types of hunts in one trip, but sometimes consistency is key! Our lodge is set up with all the amenities of home!