Black Bear Hunting in Alberta, Canada

Black bear bow hunts and rifle hunts in the spring and fall.

Black bears in the Red Willow Outfitters hunting area have been found to be some of the largest in Alberta. We also have one of the highest percentages of color phase bears, ranging from a dark chocolate to blonde.

Our bear hunts take place in a two bear limit area, so the opportunity to take two bears is available. This has allowed us to maintain a kill percentage of about 175%.

Spring Bear Hunts:

During the spring when the bears are first out of their dens, we offer bow hunts, muzzleloader or rifle bear hunts. Most of the bear hunting occurs over baits, but spot and stalk hunts can be arranged.

Fall Bear Hunts:

During the fall, we offer bow hunts, muzzleloader or rifle bear hunts. We offer both baited hunts and spot and stalk hunts. At this time the bears are feeding to fatten themselves up. Their fur is shiny and thick at this time.

Black bear bowhunts and rifle hunts may be combined with other hunts, see our Price List for information. If a quality Black Bear hunt is what you want, please give us a call so we can provide more information.

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