Trophy Moose Bow Hunts and rifle moose Hunts in Alberta, Canada

Moose hunting takes place in the world famous Peace River Country. It is known for having one of the highest Moose densities in North America. Our moose hunts have been very popular. Due to the Alberta’s management of moose, we have been taking high quality animals each year. Every year we are taking moose in the 50″ + range with our largest being 63″. We have three different moose hunts to choose from as well as combination hunts for moose with Black Bear, White-tail, Mule Deer, Waterfowl, and Elk.

Moose Bow Hunts: 

We hunt in the archery only season from late August to mid September. During this time we concentrate on the prime feeding areas, game trails, natural mineral “licks”, and other prime habitat showing fresh Moose activity. This is a very exciting and productive hunt.  Moose are relatively easy to stalk and, of course, are big targets. This makes this hunt very doable. The weather at this time is very pleasant and the days are long. If you want to have the challenge of taking North Americas largest member of the deer family with a bow, give us a call and make your dream a reality.

Rut Moose Hunts:

Our Rut Moose hunts take place in late September to mid October. During this time the moose are in the peak of the rut. We call them in making relatively easy shots. Hearing their deep grunt as they respond is every bit as exciting as the bugle of a bull elk. This hunt can be done with bow or rifle and both are highly successful. Our success on this hunt is consistently 85% + on kills and of course opportunity is almost always 100%.

November Post Rut Moose Hunts:

At this time we hunt moose by spot and stalk. The moose are feeding more in the open at this time. The lack of leaves and the presence of snow make them easier to spot and locate. We see a lot of Moose on this hunt. this hunt can be done with rifle or bow, but leans itself more towards a rifle hunt. In the past few years we have killed our biggest bulls on this hunt. The kill percentage is similar to the rut hunt, 85-90%.

Our moose hunts are high quality and we take big bulls on all of them.

Archery and Rifle hunts for moose may be combined with other hunts, view our Price List for information.

If a quality Moose hunt is what you want, please give us a call so we can provide more information.

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Trophy Alberta Moose Hunts


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