Trophy Rifle Mule Deer Hunts and Mule Deer Bow Hunts in Alberta, Canada

The Peace River Country has become known as the destination of choice for trophy Mule deer. With a healthy population and unbelievable genetics, hunters have had excellent success hunting with us in Alberta’s Peace Country.

Trophy Mule Deer Hunts: 

Our hunting areas are both farmland and boreal forest areas. The hunting is good from the start of the Archery season in late August right through to the start of the rifle season in mid September and on until the end of November. 

We have fantastic mule deer hunting during the archery only season that starts in late August right through to the end of Bow season in mid September. Rifle season starts in mid September and goes until the end of November. The hunting great all through that time, but most rifle hunters choose to come in November during the rut. Our Mule Deer hunts are primarily spot and stalk with some stand hunting. It is exciting hunting Mule Deer in our areas as there are vast tracts of forest that allow them to reach a mature age and grow great antlers.

Make your dream hunt a reality. As an avid hunter myself, I am experienced enough to make your hunt both successful and enjoyable. I enjoy working hard and look forward to providing opportunities for trophy Mule Deer.

Archery and Rifle hunts for mule deer may be combined with other hunts, view our Price List for information.

If a quality Mule Deer hunt is what you want, please give us a call so we can provide more information.

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Trophy Mule Deer Hunts in Alberta, Canada

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